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Winners of the Festival 2014


1.Nomination “For preservation of traditions in modern painting”,

awarded Vasily Nesterenko, for the work “Pierrot and Harlequin”, 1995, canvas,
oil, 257 x 192 cm., Russia

2.Nomination “For unique national identity”,

Ulviya Gamzaeva, for her work “Avesta”, 2013, canvas, oil, 80×70
see, Republic of Azerbaijan

3. nomination “For Freshness of View. Young talents”,

Awarded to Sandra Baía, for the work “Nico”, 2013, canvas, acrylic, 210×120 cm, Portugal

4. Nomination “For Long Creative Life and Fidelity to Art”

Awarded, Luis Noronha da Costa, for the work “Mares,” 1979, canvas, oil,
180×120 cm., Portugal

5.Nomination “For innovative architectural idea”,

Awarded to Diago Navarro, for the 2013 project, canvas, oil, 500 x 130 cm, Portugal

6. Nomination “For multidimensionality of image and meaning”,

is awarded to Marco Kabenda, for his work “Celebration” . 2013, canvas, acrylic, 140 x 100 cm, Angola

7. Nomination “For Aesthetics in Content and Form”,

awarded Sakit Mammadov, for the work “Rest”, “2013, canvas, oil, 200 x 80 cm., Republic of Moldova


8. Nomination “For the appropriateness of the chosen technique”,

awarded to Emilia Marinescu, for the work “Horse”, 2010, paper, ink, pen, 30×20 cm, Romania.

9. Nomination “For diligence and professionalism”,

Awarded to Luis Bigotte, for “Urban Spaces. China”, 2011, paper, watercolor, 61 x 40 cm,


10. Nomination “For successful interpretation of form and volume in space”,

is awarded Vladimir Surovtsev, for the work “Watering hole”, 1997, bronze, 200 х
110 x 50 cm., Russia

11. nomination “For the best use of material properties”,

Awarded to Matthias Contzen, for the work “Family”, 2011, Basalt, 126 x 30 x 22 cm, Germany


12. nomination “For sharpness of vision”,

Awarded to António Homem Cardoso, for the work of 2014, Portugal


13. Nomination “For innovative experiment and novelty of composition”,

Awarded to Nelson Cardoso, for the project “Attention Police!”, 2013,


14. Nomination “For integrity of the idea and successful realization”,

awarded to Alisher Narzulaev, for the project “Traditions of Uzbekistan”, works by
2013-2014, ceramics, clay, glaze, Uzbekistan

15. Nomination “For diligence and professionalism”,

awarded to Anna Margulis, for the work “Girl with a dove” from the series “Portraits”, 2014, fireclay,
glaze, 27 x 21 cm., Russia


16. Nomination “For the preservation of cultural heritage and memory of the artist”,

honored Charitable Foundation named after M.V. Kovalev. P.M. Tretiakovaand get to work–
bas-relief “Karl Bryullov”, 2014, Bronze, 56.5 cm in diameter, sculptor Pyotr
Gerasimov, Russia

17. Nomination “For the quality, increase and preservation of the collection”,

TNK ART gallery is awarded for the project “Artists of Russia”, for the work of
“Beginning of October”, 2011, canvas, oil, 85х90 cm, Russia


18. Awarded a diploma and the Faith Arts Award,

For selfless and dedicated service to the arts, entrepreneur,
art collector José Manuel Berardo, Portugal.

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