Traditions and Modernity June 20-23, 2024 ⁕ Moscow ⁕ Russia ⁕ Painting Graphics Sculpture Sculpture Photography Architecture Applied Art Mask Puppet Installation Digital Art Museum Business

Vision and mission

The Moscow International Festival of Fine Arts “Traditions and Modernity” has become one of the most large-scale projects of this kind in the world.The jury and the organizing committee of the festival include prominent figures of Russian and world culture.
For fifteen years, the Festival has attracted more than 5,890 galleries and artists from over 60 countries and 72 regions of Russia. The festival was awarded to 357 Russian and foreign artists, 4,650,000 visitors attended the event, and hundreds of media outlets covered its work.
“Traditions and Modernity” is the only art festival that unites 10 directions in one cultural exhibition space: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, applied art, mask, puppet, digital art and museum work. There is no emphasis on any one culture, no adherence to the rules of one civilization, but a demonstration of the uniqueness of each participant, with its latest trends and trends in contemporary art, both in Russian and international contemporary art.

The mission of the festival is to preserve the world’s cultural heritage, strengthen international relations and cooperation through creativity, and discover new names.

Aims and objectives of the festival:

  • Supporting professional art and artistic creation in the world;
  • Establishment of creative contacts between participants and improvement of their professional level in the process of communication and exchange of experience;
  • To bring the art of different countries and peoples closer, to present original works reflecting the color and national traditions, to show the whole palette of world art, to gather all trends and directions of modern culture in one exhibition space;
  • Finding and promoting young talent;
  • Introducing a wide audience to the best artistic works of individual authors and art in general;
  • Professional evaluation of works of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and applied art.

The main award of the Festival is a bronze statuette “VERA” – an international award in the field of fine arts. By design, this statuette symbolizes faith in creativity, in love, in success – in the things without which our life is impossible. The award was for the nominees a visible embodiment of faith in themselves and a stimulus for further creativity.
The Festival will end with a colorful solemn ceremony of awarding the participants and partners of the Festival with the International Award “VERA”. In 2024, cash awards and a bronze VERA statuette are envisioned in 10 areas.

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