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Payment rules

Payment rules on the site

Payment rules at

1. Rules for payment of the ENTRY TICKETS by bank card on the website.

To find out ticket prices for the International Arts Festival 2024 and to purchase tickets, visit the festival’s website at in the Visitors section. Please read the Festival Attendance Policy and these Rules before purchasing a ticket.

After payment, a letter with the ticket will come to your e-mail – to the address you provided when purchasing. Save or print your ticket right away so you don’t lose it. In case you are unable to attend and need to return, please follow the ticket return instructions.

Do not buy tickets by hand – otherwise you risk being a victim of scammers.

What kind of tickets are there and what is included?

✅ “Standart” is a standard festival ticket for visitors 14 years and older. With this ticket you can attend the International Arts Festival 2024 on one of the days of the Festival.

✅ “VIP” is more expensive because it includes the possibility to visit all days of the exhibition, VERA award ceremony, welcome drink and other pleasant bonuses.

✅ “Exlusive” is even more expensive, includes the possibility to visit all days of the exhibition, the VERA award ceremony, unlimited welcome drinks, the right to attend the business program and visit the executive lounge area.

✅ A child ticket is required for a child from 7 to 13 years of age inclusive. If a child is 6 years old or younger, they can go for free. Children can only enter the festival if accompanied by an adult. Objects depicting depicted depicted nature may be placed at the INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL 2024. ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE TRANSPORTATION OF CHILDREN IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES.

✅ “Preferential” is a standard ticket to the festival for visitors from 14 years old and older for the following categories: students of art universities, pensioners, disabled people of 1,2 groups, (upon presentation of a valid student ticket, pension certificate, disability certificate).

✅ free admission is available to SWO participants and disabled persons

Payment is made through JSC “TINYKOFF BANK” using bank cards of the following payment systems: MIR, VISA Inc, MasterCard

To pay for a ticket/item by bank card at checkout, click the BUY button and fill in the following fields:
First Name, Last Name, Email Address. Be careful when filling in the fields.

When paying for the order by bank card, the payment processing takes place on the authorization page of the bank, where you need to enter the data of your bank card:
– card number,
– card validity period (indicated on the front side of the card)
– Cardholder’s name (in Latin letters, exactly as it appears on the card)
– CVC2/CVV2 code

If your card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card for authentication. For information on the rules and methods of additional identification, please contact the Bank that issued your bank card.
The security of Internet payment processing through the bank’s payment gateway is guaranteed by the PCI DSS international security certificate. The information is transferred using SSL encryption technology. This information is not available to unauthorized persons.

Tips and recommendations on the necessary security measures for making payments with a bank card:

1. Take care of your plastic cards the same way you take care of your cash. Don’t forget them in the car, restaurant, store, etc.

2. never give your bank card details or codes/passwords received in SMS/Push notifications to third parties or companies).

3. always have a phone number for emergency communication with the bank that issued your card and in case of its loss or receiving SMS about blocking/written off/attempts to perform a transaction without your consent, immediately contact the bank.

4. Enter card details only when making a purchase. Never list them for any other reason.
The moment of settlement is the receipt of the buyer’s funds to the seller’s current account

Is it possible to buy a ticket to the festival by Pushkin card?
There is no such possibility.

What should I do if a paid ticket does not arrive in the mail?

1. Check your spam folder.

2. If there is no ticket, wait: it should arrive within five hours of payment.

3. If you still don’t have a ticket, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Send a letter of inquiry in the feedback form in the “Contact Us” section of the website Describe the problem and specify the order number. You can write to the same address for any other problems with buying, paying, delivering or returning tickets.

You can also buy an admission ticket at the Festival Organizer’s ticket office at the Festival venue.

2. Refund of Entry TICKETS

The buyer has the right to return the entrance ticket of any category, which has not been used, before the end of the International Festival of Arts 2024, in accordance with the information (about the date and time of the end) indicated on the official website of the Festival.
In case the ticket is used for at least one pass to the Festival, the ticket is considered used and its cost is not refunded.
To refund the payment for the ticket (without going to the office of the Festival Organizer), the Buyer sends a scanned copy (photo copy) of the handwritten signed APPLICATION for refund and a scanned copy (photo copy) of the Buyer’s passport (pages No. 2, 3 and with valid registration at the place of residence) to the e-mail of the Exhibition Organizer at The application must be sent from the same email address that was provided by the purchaser when purchasing the ticket/subscription.

The time of receipt of the appeal shall be the time of receipt of the appeal to the e-mail address of the Exhibition Organizer.
Refund of payment for a paid but unused ticket/subscription is made by Tinkoff processing center to the bank card from which the ticket/subscription payment was made.

The Exhibition Organizer shall refund the cost of the paid ticket/subscription within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of a request from the Buyer.
In case of receipt of improperly produced documents from the Buyer (including documents that are not readable, incomplete, do not meet the conditions in terms of volume), the period of refund of the ticket/subscription cost shall be calculated from the moment the documents are provided to the Exhibition Organizer in proper condition and/or volume.
The date of debiting the money from the correspondent account of the bank of the Organizer’s bank shall be considered the date of payment refund. The Exhibition Organizer shall not be liable for further terms of refund.

Please note that applications for the return of e-tickets are accepted no later than three hours before the end of the last day of the exhibition.

3. payment for participation in the Festival on the website

Payment for services (accreditation, placement in the Catalogue, stand construction, additional services) by the participants of the Festival is made on the basis of concluded Agreements with the Festival Organizer and invoices for payment.
Russian participants can pay for participation by bank card according to the algorithm specified in Section 2 of these Rules.

Foreign participants shall pay for services (accreditation, placement in the Catalog, stand construction, additional services) according to the invoices issued, in the following currency:

Russian ruble
US dollar

Payment by foreign participants through the site is possible only if it is technically possible to process an international payment.
In all other cases, payment shall be made from the Payer’s settlement account to the Organizer’s settlement account at the exchange rate of the relevant currency to the Russian ruble on the date of payment. The date of receipt of funds shall be the date of crediting to the Organizer’s settlement account.

4. payment for goods on the site

To pay for an item on the site, move the item to the Shopping Cart. Next, fill out the required information in the form for payment and shipping options for the item.
Payment by bank card and return of goods shall be made according to the rules specified in section 2 of this agreement.
If you are unable to pay, contact your account manager by emailing

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