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About the award

Dear artists and gallery managers, it’s your time to shine!
We invite you to take part in the XIII International Festival of Arts “TRADITIONS AND MODERNITY” and compete for the prestigious Prize with a bronze statuette “VERA”.
The TRADITIONS AND MODERNITY Festival is one of the most famous international art events held in our time. In 2024, emphasizing contemporary art from many countries around the world, the Festival will bring together the creativity of the best Russian and international artists, inspiring them to create and experiment. On the last day of the Festival it will traditionally end with a colorful and solemn awarding ceremony for the winners, who will be chosen by the honorable International Jury.

“VERA” is an international award in the visual arts. For the first time it was awarded at the closing of the first Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity” in 2007.
The festival statuette was created by Viktor Mitroshin, a famous sculptor, Honored Artist of Russia, the author of prizes for many Russian and foreign competitions. To realize the creative idea the sculptor used natural materials – greenish Ural serpentine, rock crystal, bronze. By design, this statuette symbolizes faith in creativity, in love, in success – in the things without which our life is impossible. The award was for the nominees a visible embodiment of faith in themselves and a stimulus for further creativity.
In different years 357 Russian and foreign artists and galleries have been awarded the “VERA” prize, young artists have been recognized and were able to declare themselves: Nesterenko V.I. (Russia), Beliukin D. A. (Russia), Angel Geshev (Bulgaria), Ostashov Andrey (Belarus), Rogerio Timoteo (Portugal), Adalia Alberto (Portugal). A. (Russia), Angel Geshev (Bulgaria), Ostashov Andrey (Belarus), Rogerio Timoteo (Portugal), Adalia Alberto (Portugal), Suzi Nassif (Lebanon), Itzai W. (China), Dila Moniz (Angola), Electra Varnava (Cyprus), Diogo Navarro (Mozambique), Gallery “Regina”, gallery “ARTSTORY”, gallery “Fine Art”, M-gallery, gallery XXI and many, many others.
The VERA Award Ceremony will be covered by numerous media outlets, broadcast on international channels and social networks. You can view videos of past years’ award ceremonies in our archive at

In 2024, this award will bring fame and recognition to the best artists in the ten fields represented in the Traditions and Modernity Festival. An international Jury will select the best works in the categories:
– For preserving traditions
– For freshness of view (young talents) of contemporary painting
– For unique national identity
– The exact line
– For the successful treatment of form and volume in space
– For the multidimensionality of image and meaning
– For Best Digital Photography
– For realism and mysticism in one figure
– For conformity of form and content
– For unconventional use of known materials
– Addressing new materials and technologies
– For contributions to the history of art
– For the best immersive exhibit
– For the best digital artwork

Great creators always need support and recognition, and our International Festival of Fine Arts “TRADITIONS AND MODERNITY” provides you with the perfect platform for this!
Be a part of this unique event and celebrate your creativity in front of a global community. The International Award “VERA” will emphasize your talent and help you reach new heights in the field of fine arts.
Applications for the Festival are limited, so don’t miss your chance – join us now !

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