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Winners of the Festival 2013


1.Nomination “For preservation of traditions in modern painting”:

Oleg Molchanov, for his work “The Mask of Summer”, 2011, canvas, oil, 260×140, Kostroma, Russia

2.Nomination “For unique national identity”:

Namig Mammadov, for his work “Old Town”, 2006, canvas, oil, 83×76, Republic of Azerbaijan

3. nomination “For originality of handwriting and individuality of style”:

Lyubarov Vladimir, for his work “We drank kvass”, 2009, canvas, oil, 90×100 , Moscow, Russia

4. Nomination “For the preservation of traditions in modern painting”:

Viktor Cherney, for his work “Khopyor River”, 2013, canvas, oil, 60×90, Moscow, Russia

5.Nomination “For Freshness of View. Young talents”:

Maryam Alakbarli, for the project “Round Dance of Colors”, work “Night Baku”, 2013, Canvas, acrylic, 100×135, Republic of Azerbaijan

6. Nomination “For love to the surrounding reality”:

Natalia Ovsienko, for the series of works “Oriental Suite” . The work “Laundry. India,” 2012. Х. m., 60 x 80 cm, Moscow, Russia

7. Nomination “For diligence and professionalism”:

Andrey Esionov, for the project “On Seven Hills”, the work “Morning on Petrovka” 2012. Paper, watercolor 53×35 Moscow, Russia

8. Nomination “For Fidelity to Art”:

Natalia Somova, for her work “Gifts of Heaven and Earth” 1992. Canvas, oil, 120×150 g. Moscow, Russia

9. Nomination “For bright originality”:

Igor Kormyshev, for the project “Dark Waters of Bruges”, work “Sleeves of Bruges”, 2012, canvas, oil, 100×120, Moscow, Russia

10. Nomination “For revival of historical traditions”:

Yury Pantsyrev, for his work “Lighted Candle”, 2012 , canvas, oil on canvas, 85×70, Vladimir region, Russia


11. nomination “For diligence and professionalism”:

International Confederation of Unions of Artists, for Sergey Alimov Sketch for the cartoon “Boniface’s Vacation”, 2008, Paper, gouache, 35×54, Moscow, Russia.


12. nomination “For breadth of idea and grandiosity of embodiment”:

Kunstgiesserei Lauchhammer foundry, for Ferdinand Lepke’s (1866-1909) work, The Kiss, Dresden, Germany,

13. Nomination “For selfless and selfless service to art”:

Vladimir and Danila Surovtsev, for the project for the “400th anniversary of the House of Romanov”, for the work “Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army, Nicholas II, 2013, bronze, 130 x 45 x 60, Moscow, Russia

14. Nomination “For breadth of idea and grandiosity of embodiment”:

Elena Gromova Gallery, for Andrei Ostashov’s work “Metamorphosis”, 2013, 78x44x53, Moscow, Russia

15. Nomination “For Aesthetics in Content and Form”:

Dmitry Dykhovichny, for work “Scarecrow, 2012, bronze, height 48 cm, Frankfurt, Germany


16. Nomination “For sharpness of vision”:

Edurd Pesov, for the work “Loss”, Tbilisi, Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures of Georgia Mtatsminda, 1961, Moscow, Russia

17. Nomination “For multidimensionality of image and meaning”:

Burkhard Thomann, for the project “Two Worlds One Moment” 2012-2013, Frankfurt, Germany


18. Nomination “For innovative experiment and novelty of composition”:

Tamara Nesterova, for the project “Deadly Incense”, work “Ashtray”, 2012, length 1.5 meters, width 1.5 meters, height 1 meter, weight 150 kg, Ramenskoye, Russia,


19. Nomination “For unconventional use of known materials”:

Diana Mayorova, for the project “Paper Balagrn”, work “Chulan”, 2012, paper, glue, Moscow, Russia

20. Nomination “For bright originality”:

Natalia Matsegora, for the work “Pierrot”, 2011, flumo, 130 cm, ed. ex, Tula, Russia,

21. Nomination “For aesthetics in content and form”:

Alexei Pomelnikov, for his work “Cascade” earrings, gold585, 19.67 grams, 84 diamonds, 6.07 carats. Implemented in 2013. St. Petersburg, Russia,

22. Nomination “For non-traditional application of known materials”:

Vladimir Denshchikov, for the project “Holy Flax”, for the work “Skladen. Temple of the Virgin Mary”, 2012, Macramé collage, knot weaving, 100 x 45 x 45, Kiev, Ukraine

23. Nomination “For bright originality”:

Arsen Agakhanyants, for his work “Urartu Motifs. Horn of Arkhara”, 2013, brass, 52x21x23, g. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

24. Nomination “For innovative experiment and novelty of composition:

Alexander Tikhomirov, for his work “The Savior of the Unworking”, 2010, wood, tempera, wax, 33х32, Blagoveshchensk, Russia


25. Nomination “For the quality, increase and preservation of the collection”:

Gallery “Art-Meeting”, for Nikolai Mamontov’s work “At the Photographer” End of 1920s. gg., canvas, oil, Moscow, Russia

26. Nomination “For selfless and selfless service to art”:

Alexander Sploshnov for the work “Heavenly Jerusalem” by Aibek Begalin 1998, canvas, oil, 180x120cm, Moscow, Russia

27. Nomination “For brightness and originality of exposition and exhibition work”:

Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery, for the work of Sergei Bazilev Harmonica. Morning near Odessa”, 2012, canvas, oil on canvas, 100×120, London, UK

Special awards were given to:

28. For support in holding the Seventh Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity”:
The official partner of the Festival is the Main Production and Commercial Directorate for servicing the diplomatic corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Head – Vladimir Ivanovich Pashko

29. In connection with the anniversary, with the award of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of literature and art in 2012, for the contribution to the development of fine arts:
Chairman of the international jury of the festival “Traditions and Modernity” Salakhov Tair Teymur oglu.

30. For support in holding the Seventh Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity”:
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association of Public Associations “International Confederation of Unions of Artists” – Masut Mahmudovich Fatkulin

31. For support of the annual Faith Arts Awards:
Music producer of the VERA Award ceremony, People’s Artist of Russia, jazz conductor, composer, pianist, arranger – Anatoly Osherovich Kroll

32. For support of the annual Faith International Arts Award:
People’s Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the USSR State Prizes, Artistic Director of the Moscow “Et Setega” Theater – Alexander Aleksandrovich Kalyagin

Honorary diplomas of the participant of the Seventh Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity” and a special award “Applause of the Jury” were awarded:
1. Konev Vladimir, Novokuibyshevsk, Russia
2. Viktor Ivanovich Makeev, Moscow, Russia
3. Vladimir Mikhailov, St. Petersburg, Russia
4. Alina Leivikova, Vienna, Austria
5. Armat Bektas, Astana, Kazakhstan
6. Eset Chamaeva, Grozny, Chechnya
7. Sahakyan Alexander,
8. Stass Spanin, Massachusetts, Agawam, United States of America
9. Yiqai Wu, Guangxi City, People’s Republic of China
10. Alexander Smirnov, Moscow, Russia
11. Evgenia Shirkina, Moscow, Russia
12. Art-Alliance Gallery, Moscow, Russia
13. Pavel Astaulov, Tambov, Russia
14. Kravchuk Victoria, Moscow, Russia

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