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Winners of the Festival 2012


1.Nomination “For preserving traditions in modern painting”

Andrey Esionov, Moscow, Russia for his work “Borodino”, x/m, 2012,

2.Nomination “For unique national identity”

Rashad Mehdiyev, Republic of Azerbaijan, for his work

3. nomination “For originality of handwriting and individuality of style”

Awarded to the project “Autumn Symphony”, Armenian Republic

4. Nomination “For Freshness of Look”, (young talents),

Maryam Alakbarli, Republic of Azerbaijan, for her work

5.Nomination “For long creative life and loyalty to art”,

Belykh dynasty, Germany-Russia, for work

6. Nomination “For preserving the cultural heritage and memory of the artist”,

Grigoriev Boris Petrovich, for the project “Poetry of color”, works of his wife Ekaterina Grigorieva, Moscow, Russia,

7. Nomination “For innovative experiment and novelty of composition”,

Heavenly Elevator” project, Grechanik Alexander, Moscow, Russia.


8. Nomination “For diligence and professionalism”,

Naumov Vladimir, Moscow, Russia, for work

9. Nomination “For the appropriateness of the chosen technique”,

Andrey Makarevich, Moscow, Russia, for work

10. Nomination “For the love of the surrounding reality”,

Vladimir Vasiliev, Moscow, Russia, for his work


11. nomination “For the best use of material properties”,

Sergey Khorikov, Moscow, Russia, for his work “Removal from the Cross”, 2012,

12. nomination “For breadth of idea and grandiosity of embodiment”,

Andrey Kovalchuk, Moscow, Russia, for his work “Empress Maria Alexandrovna”,


13. Nomination “For Aesthetics in Content and Form”,

Daria Surovtseva, France-Russia, for her work

14. Nomination “For multidimensionality of image and meaning”,

Skizza Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, for the project

15. Nomination “For multidimensionality of image and meaning”,

Anna and Anatoly Nezhnye, Moscow, Russia, for their work


16. Nomination “For integrity of the idea and successful realization”,

Volkodaeva Irina, Moscow, Russia, for her works

17. Nomination “For bright originality”,

Tatiana Obraztsova, Moscow, Russia, for her work

18. Nomination “For innovative experiment and novelty of composition”,

Studio – laboratory of art glass “Glastel”, Pavel for his work

19. Nomination “For originality of handwriting and individuality of style”,

Art-Niva gallery, Moscow, Russia, for the work


20. Nomination “For the quality, increase and preservation of the collection”,

Manizer – Union of Artists Project, Nina Manizer, for her work

21. Nomination “For brightness and originality of exposition and exhibition work”,

Romanian Commission for UNESCO for the Project “Romanian Art and Spirituality”, awarded to Mr. George Petrescu, Head of the UNESCO expert, for his works.

22. Nomination “For selfless and selfless service to art”,

Gallery “Alla Bulyanskaya”, London, UK, for the work by Gleb Bogomolov “1045.Aegina”, x / cm. techn. 2004.


23. Awarded with the Vera Art Prize for support in holding the Sixth Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity”, official sponsor, Renova Group of Companies, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Viktor Felixovich Vekselberg.

24. Vera Nikolayevna Kiseleva Vera Nikolayevna Kiseleva, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, President of the Moscow Public Foundation for Support of Culture and Development of Contemporary Art, for six years of organizational work of the festival “Traditions and Modernity”.
Honorary diplomas of the participant of the Sixth Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity” and a special prize “Applause of the Jury” are awarded:

1. Anna Margulis, Moscow, Russia

2. Natalya Matsegora, Tula, Russia

3. Ovsienko Natalia, Moscow, Russia

4. Alexander Glazkov, Moscow, Russia

5. Nadezhda Dobrodeeva, Serpukhov, Russia

6. Pavel Astaulov Tambov, Russia

7. Anara Abzhanova, Alma Ata, Kazakhstan

8. ROS arms, Zlotoust, Chelyabinsk region, Russia

9. Alexey Chirkov, St. Petersburg, Russia

10. Evgeny Drabkin, St. Petersburg, Russia

11. Alexander Nasekin, Cheboksary, Russia

12. Diana Mayorova, Moscow, Russia

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