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Winners of the Festival 2008

Winners of the Second Faith Art Prize

Direction Painting

Nomination “For preserving traditions in contemporary painting”

Obrosov Igor (Moscow, Russia)
“Winter in the Village,” canvas, tempera, 153 x 179, 1990,
г. Moscow, Russia

Nomination “For originality of handwriting and individuality of style”

Ilyas Aidarov (Moscow, Russia)
“Standard of Cleanliness.”
canvas, oil, 95×145
2007 Russia

Nomination “For unique national identity”

Dmitry Sanjiev (Moscow, Russia)
The Myths of the Planet Cycle
Canvas, mixed media, 240×90
2006, Tajikistan

Nomination “For abstract depth and multidimensional associations”

Mikhail Gelman (USA)
Organite, 200×100
1988, USA

Nomination “For the correspondence of the chosen technique to the artistic worldview”

Ngo Suan Bin (Vietnam)
“Ruins of a Dynasty”
Canvas, oil, 120×100
2008, Vietnam

Nomination “For Freshness of Look”

Igor Goncharov (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region)
Canvas, oil
2004, Chelyabinsk

Nomination “For Freshness of Look”

Torop Sergey (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region)
Portrait “Sonia with watermelon”
Paper, pastel, 92×70.
2006, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Ecological settlement “Abode of Dawn”

Direction Graphics

Nomination “For revival of historical traditions and national identity”

Geshev Angel (Bulgaria)
“Series of Glagolitic Signs – L, People, 20”
Mixed media, 68×121
2007, Bulgaria

Nomination “For originality of ideas and author’s uniqueness”

Kalinovich Konstantin (Russia, St. Petersburg)
“Apocalypse Bestiary. Summer.”
Graphics, etching, 20×30
2007, St. Petersburg, Russia, Vadim Zverev Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

Nomination “For diligence and professionalism”

Konstantin Vasiliev (Moscow, Russia)
From the Children’s Album series, “Let’s Go!”
Mixed technique, 67×84
2001, Moscow, Russia, Salon d’Art Classique gallery

Applied Arts

Nomination: “For unconventional use of known materials”

Cedro Dmitry (Moscow, Russia)
The clock “St. George the Victorious”
Gold, diamonds, rubies, handcrafted

Nomination: “For integrity of the idea and successful realization”

Alexander Glazkov (Alexandria Studio, Moscow, Russia)
“Holy Trinity.”
Mosaic panel
2008, Moscow

Nomination: “For bright originality”

Dolls of the World” project by Siu Ling Wang (Germany)
2008, Germany

Nomination: “For Aesthetics in Content and Form”

Pobedova Olga (TO Irida, Moscow, Russia)
“Big Pyramid.”
Optical glass
2001, Moscow

Direction Sculpture

Nomination “For successful interpretation of form and volume in space”

Tuan (USA)
Bronze, height 74 cm
2006, USA

Nomination “For Experiments in Formation”

Mammadov Katab (Azerbaijan)
“Conceptual Torso.”
Height 1m
2005, Azerbaijan

Nomination “For integrity of the idea and successful realization”

Surovtsev Vladimir (Moscow, Russia)
Sculpture “A.P. Chekhov.”
г. Moscow, Russia

Nomination “For innovative experiment and novelty of composition”

Bumantz STG-Art gallery (Israel)
“Playing the Harp.”
Bronze, platinum, 58x55x24
2008 г.

Nomination “For the best use of material properties”

Dashi Namdakov (Republic of Buryatia)
“King Bird.”
Bronze, cast, 90x64x48
2007, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia

Direction Photography

Nomination: “For sharpness of vision”

Svetlana Zadorina (Moscow-Peter studio)
Photo “China. Tibet. Gateway.”
2007, Moscow, Russia

Nomination: “For multidimensionality of image and meaning”

Frantzkevich-Joransson Olga (Russia, Moscow)
2008, Moscow, Russia

Nomination: “For love of the surrounding reality”

Vidas Biveinis (Lithuania)
A series of works “Romance”
2007, Lithuania

Special Awards:

Nomination “For Long Creative Life and Fidelity to Art”

Boris Efimov (Russia, Moscow)
“Mayakovsky,” “Gorky,” “At the Osaka Exhibition,” “Pharaoh Cheops.”
1928-1929, Moscow, Russia

Honorary Diploma of the participant of the Second Moscow International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity” and a special prize “Applause of the Jury” are awarded:

Serafim Petrovich Altayev (Moscow, Russia)
Magomed Amayev (Artmix, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Lyudmila Bogatova (Moscow, Russia)
Budazhabe Dmitry (Goroo Gallery, Irkutsk, Russia)
Gallery of Contemporary Art (Russia, Moscow)
Nikolay Gladenko (Russia, Novosibirsk)
Glukhov Maxim (Moscow Union of Artists, Russia, Moscow)
Irina Gornostayeva (Moscow, Russia)
Geser Zodboev (Goroo Gallery, Irkutsk, Russia)
Valentina Donejko (Latvia)
Marina Zvyagintseva (Moscow, Russia)
Mironski Jordan (Bulgaria)
Marina Orlova (Galina Guseva Gallery, Moscow, Russia)
Remnev Andrey (ARTORG, Russia, Moscow)
Mark Rothko (Moscow, Russia)
Sergey Rudakov (Russia, Tambov)
Eduard Rusenko (Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia)
Yury Rysukhin (Russia, Orenburg)
Ludmila Savelyeva (Moscow, Russia)
Sattarov Mansur (Moscow, Russia)
Andrey Spirov (Moscow, Russia)
Leonid Vladimirovich Tazba (Moscow, Russia)
Oleg Tsvetkov (Russia, Tver region, Veshniy Volochek)
Vitaly Shilov (Moscow, Russia)
ETPK Vorontsovo (Russia, Moscow)

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