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Vera Award 2016 Moscow

Tenth VERA Art Prize Award Ceremony
of the Tenth Moscow International Festival of Arts

“Tradition and Modernity.”

May 31, Theater Hall Moscow International House of Music

The result of the tenth festival was the solemn ceremony of awarding the Prize in the field of fine arts “VERA”, which took place on May 31 at 19:00 in the Theater Hall of MMDM. The hosts of the ceremony were Dmitry Kharatyan and Maria Kiseleva. The evening was decorated with performances by Anna Buturlina, Alexey Minchenko, Juliana Rogacheva, Sophie Okran, Marie Carné, Inna Subbotina accompanied by Oleg Lundstrem’s Orchestra, which this year celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founder.

The bronze statuette “VERA” is a fine art award. The award symbolizes the belief in creativity, love and success. The award is a visible embodiment of self-belief for the nominees and an incentive for further creativity. Victor Mitroshin, Honored Artist of Russia, the author of prizes for many Russian and foreign competitions, worked on the creation of the image of “Vera”.

According to festival organizer Vera Kiseleva, the tenth anniversary festival gathered an unprecedented number of participants. “Our international jury had a very difficult decision to make as more than 500 artists came from 40 countries to participate in this competition and there are only 19 prizes, but we decided to add three more prizes because the participants are very good.”

Winners were determined in 19 profile and three special categories. The award was presented by: author, composer, singer, winner of the “National Treasure” award Lera Tumanova, singer and composer Konstantin Legostaev, theater and film actress Alyona Galliardt, composer, songwriter and performer Andrei Pavlovich, producer and musician Vyacheslav Kalashnikov.

Eight prizes were awarded in the Painting direction. Among the award winners are Julio Cuarejma, Hanhalaev Gallery, Turan Art Studio and Gallery, Vladimir Lubarov, 60-Decades Gallery, Renato Rodiner. In the direction “Applied Art” the prize was awarded to five laureates, including Vladimir Kovalev, Malkhaz Imedashvili, Arlinda Frota, Repunkurs, Icon painting workshop “Alexandria”. Three prizes were awarded in the Sculpture direction. In addition, prizes were awarded in the areas of Photography and Museum Studies.

The ceremony was a beautiful and joyful conclusion to the Festival.

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