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Vera Award 2007

For the first time in Moscow, the First Award Ceremony of the VERA International Art Prize was held in Moscow

The festival had a competitive character, which shows that the unique idea of the Foundation to hold a ceremony of awarding statuettes in the field of fine arts was realized! During the festival there was a painstaking work of the jury, which included the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts, People’s Artist of the USSR, Russia, Azerbaijan, laureate of the State Awards of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, the People’s Artist of the USSR, Russia and Azerbaijan.  prizes of the USSR and Azerbaijan  T.T. Salakhov, Chairman of the Lithuanian Union of Photographers, Honored Art Worker, winner of the Lithuanian Government Art Prize Antanas Sutkus, Bulgarian artist, Professor of the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts, winner of the  prestigious State Prizes and awards of Bulgaria, international awards, corresponding member of Künstlerhaus Vienna, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, member of the Medici Academy in Rome, member of the Salon D׳Oton in Paris, member of Nika-kai in Tokyo, member of the Flemish Royal Academy, member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (1973-1985), Director of the National Artists’ Union of Bulgaria (1973-1985), Director of the Bulgarian Academy of Arts (1973-1985).  Art Gallery (1985-1988) Svetlin Rusev and others.

The result was the closing ceremony on January 27, where the winners in 13 categories were announced and 9 participants received special prizes.
The concert was hosted by Dmitry Kharatyan and Marina Esipenko. The concert was opened by Sergey Markarov, a famous pianist, holder of the title “UNESCO Artist of the World”, winner of first prizes in piano class at the Rimsky-Korsakov and Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Also performed and presented statuettes “VERA” VIA “Samotsvety”, Anton Makarsky, Alexander Panayotov, Anastasia Volochkova, Vladimir and Marina Devyatovy, Oleg Mityaev and others. The concert was closed by laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Igor Butman.


Nomination: Painting “For the preservation of traditions in modern painting”

Winner: Artist Vasnetsov Andrei Vladimirovich for the cycle of works presented at the exhibition “The Family of Artist Guria Zakharov”, 1977, Russia

 Nomination: Painting “For light solution of space, richness of colorful transitions”

Winner: Artist Anatoly Slepyshev for his work “Hunting Evening”, 1989, U Yara Gallery, Russia

Nomination: Painting “For originality of handwriting and individual style”

Winner: Artist Rothko Nikolai Alexandrovich for his work “Dialogue”, 2003, from the cycle “Small Places of Big Land”, Russia.

Nomination: Graphics “For poetic and musicality of the image”

Winner: Artist Vinarchuk Olga for her work “Sketch for Griboedov’s play “Woe from Wit”, Countess Babushka”, 2002, Russia.

Nomination: Graphics “For correspondence of the chosen technique to the artistic worldview”

Winner: Artist Elena Samoukova for her project “Black on White”, 2005, Canada.

Nomination: Sculpture “For the best disclosure of the theme”

Winner: Sculptor Grigory Pototsky for his work “Actor Gerard Depardieu”, bronze, 2006, Russia.

Nomination: Sculpture “For the best use of material properties”

Winner: Sculptor V.B. Soskiev for his work “Male Figure”, bronze, 1998, Russia.

Nomination: Sculpture “For Innovation in Plastic”

Winner: Sculptor Avetisyan Arsen for his work “Smoke break”. bronze, cast, 2004, Great Britain, Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery, represented by the founder of the gallery, Alla Bulyanskaya.

Nomination: Photography “For the reflection of eternal ideas, instant impressions”

Winner: photographer Egle Melinauskiene for the project “No Stranger’s Pain”, 2006, Lithuania.

Nomination: Photography “For emotionality and dynamics of the plot”

Winner: Photographer Jiří Týn for his work “Untitled”, 2005, Czech Republic.

Nomination: Installation “For aesthetics in content and form”

Winner: Sculptor Alexander Burganov, for a series of works presented at the festival 2005, Russia.

Nomination: Applied Art “Best Author’s Work”

Winner: Olina Wenzel, for her work “Venetian”, 2006, Anastasia Chizhova Gallery, represented by gallery founder Anastasia Chizhova, Russia.

Nomination: Applied art “Non-traditional application of known materials”

Winner: McGrath Company for the work “Faberge candlestick” Russia. Represented by leading artist Vladimir Kirillovich Makovetsky, Russia

 In the direction “Best Project”, special prize

Winner: “Crossroads of the Centuries. Versions.”

Galleries: ARSLonga represented by Veronika Ermicheva, ART-RA represented by Lyubov Arkadyevna Yakhontova, EXPO-88 represented by Elena Alekseevna Yakovleva, Russia

 In the direction of “Best Exposition, Special Prize

Winner: Museum of Contemporary Russian Art represented by the founder of the museum Alexander Gleser, Russia

 In the direction “For creative longevity and plans for the future”, special prize

Winner: Boris Efimov, Russia

  Young Artist”, special prize

Winner: Mikhail Levin, Russia

 Audience Award, special prize

Winner: Natalia Nelidova, for her work “Universe”

In the direction “Painting”, special prize

Winner: Yuri Pavlov for his work “Peace to All”, 2006, Russia.

In the direction “Photography”, a special prize

Winner: Ugnius Gelguda for his work “Zalgiris (Grunwald)”, Lithuania

In the direction “Graphics”, special prize

Winner: Vladimir Mochalov for a series of silkscreen works “Beatles”, “Leonardo DaVinci”, “Winston Churchill”, Russia

In the direction of “Time and Creativity”, special prize

Winner: Slava Fokk, for the work “Duet”, 2006, ZERO Gallery, represented by gallery owner Naum Mironovich Olev, Russia.


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