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In order to preserve the world cultural heritage, develop contemporary art, expand contacts and relations with foreign colleagues, strengthen international relations and cooperation through creativity, disseminate the ideology of the culture of peace among the general public, the following activities are carried out IХ International Festival of Fine Arts “VERA”, which was held for the second time in Lisbon, Portugal, in the prestigious Lisbon Exhibition Hall. “Cordoaria National” from October 08 to 17, 2015. The festival united various art directions: painting and graphics, photography and installations, arts and crafts and architecture, sculpture and the latest developments of museum specialists.
The organizers of the festival in 2015 were two foundations – the Portuguese WWb Foundation – “World without Borders” and the Moscow Public Foundation for Support of Culture and Development of Contemporary Art. The festival was held with the support of the Parliamentary Group of Friendly Relations between Portugal and Russia, the Portuguese Maritime Fleet, the Main Directorate for Diplomatic Corps Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Portugal, the Lisbon City Hall, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
In the eight years of the VERA International Fine Arts Festival, the project has attracted more than 4,500 artists and galleries from 40 countries, honored more than 200 artists and welcomed more than 2,500,000 visitors.
The IX International Festival of Fine Arts “VERA” demonstrated a wide palette of painting and decorative and applied arts, revealed the current trends in graphics and photography, will show the works of masters of sculpture and present the latest developments of museum specialists from different countries, such as: Portugal, Angola, Austria, Brazil, Guine Bissau, Spain, France, Egypt, Netherlands, Russia, Azerbaijan, Arab Emirates, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Mozambique, Algeria.
The best artists and galleries from Portugal were represented at the festival, including the renowned gallery from Porto, the “Cordeiros” with artists Álvaro Lapa, António Macedo, Hannah Collins, Julião Sarmento, Jürgen Klauke, Luis Feito, Luiz Gordillo, Mário Bismarck, Rafael Canogar, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth. and “Galeria do CNAP”, with works by artists Xicofran, Oliveira Tavares, Mariola Landowska, Paul Mathieu, Antonio Antunes, Carlos Dougos. Renowned sculptor Rogerio Timóteo. Diago Navarro – Winner of the VIII International Festival of Visual Arts “VERA” in the direction of “Painting”, Vieira Rodrigues presented his new works.

Artists from Angola, such as Paulo Kussy, Arlinda Augusta, Bessa Victor, Chaves Frota, also presented interesting works at the Festival.

The most interesting exposition at the festival was provided by Azerbaijani artist, Academician, Laureate of State Prizes of the USSR, Azerbaijan and Russia, Chairman of the International Jury of this festival Tair Salahov. In his new works, the artist showed portraits of great famous people, landscapes of different countries and fairy tale scenes from the fairy tale “1001 Nights”.
Marcos Marin, Ed Ribeiro, Gabriela Oliveira, Claudia Lima and Renato Roduner, the best artists from Brazil were represented at the Festival.
Zurab Tsereteli – President of the Russian Academy of Arts, People’s Artist of the USSR, Russian Federation, Georgian SSR, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO presented unique enamels reflecting the color and traditions of Georgia.
Elena Karlova – a famous Siberian artist-decorator from Russia, a master of fusing, the creator of amazing interior 3D-paintings and MANDAL in the traditional technique of gilding also presented her works. The artist herself calls her paintings “virtual windows” through which energy flows and circulates, which can harmonize life, attract love, prosperity and good luck in business, neutralize negative influences, spiritually revive and even heal!
Dubai-based artist Suzi Nassif showed works with modern techniques and her own vision.
This festival fulfills a great and important task – it supports talented emerging artists, reveals new names in contemporary world art, contributes to the aesthetic education of young people and the expansion of cultural dialog of masters of art. Within the framework of the Festival Hotel “Farol”, together with the “World Without Borders” Foundation, organized a special project called “Rising Talents” for young talented artists in 7 directions: painting, graphics, sculpture, applied art, photography, architecture, installation. Selected artists for the Rising TALENTS project were also considered in all categories for the VERA Award.
Members of the international jury from Portugal, Russia and Azerbaijan evaluated the works of the festival participants. The chairman of the international jury was Tair Salakhov – Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts.
In the center of Lisbon were placed posters and billboards, as well as LED screens, with information about the IX International Festival of Fine Arts “VERA”.
The Festival included master classes, forums and conferences designed to consolidate masters of various creative professions.
Following the results of the festival, the winners were awarded its main prize – the professional international award in the field of fine arts “VERA”, a bronze statuette symbolizing faith in creativity, love and success. The VERA Awards took place on October 14 at 9 p.m., on the stage of the Tivali Theater.

Venue: October 8-17, 2015 – exhibition hall “Cordoaria Nacional”, Portugal, Lisbon .

Number of participants: more than 100 participants
Number of exhibits: more than 1500 exhibits
Number of participating countries: 25 countries
Participating countries: Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Spain, Russia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belgium, Netherlands, Georgia, Algeria, Mozambique, Bulgaria, Israel, France, Austria, Moldavia, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom and South Africa.

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