Traditions and Modernity June 20-23, 2024 ⁕ Moscow ⁕ Russia ⁕ Painting Graphics Sculpture Sculpture Photography Architecture Applied Art Mask Puppet Installation Digital Art Museum Business

Form Bronze Art Gallery has confirmed its participation in the XIII International Festival of Arts “Traditions and Modernity”.

Bronze Art Gallery focuses on contemporary bronze sculpture. Here the best authors of this trend are exhibited. Form & Bronze Gallery organizes thematic exhibitions and serial projects, bringing ideas to the viewer in a single artistic narrative. The gallery’s exhibition halls are permanently open in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. During its existence Form & Bronze gallery has left a significant mark in the artistic history of St. Petersburg, successfully implementing a large number of exhibition programs and creative projects. As part of the Studio Arsen project, Arsen Avetisyan’s sculptures have taken their rightful place in the city’s landmarks, become its new symbols, and magically transformed its theatrical space. The sculptor’s iconic characters can be found near the oldest Circus on the Fontanka River, in the courtyard of the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, in Zelenogorsk – near the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

The gallery invites you to plunge into the world of contemporary art and find your unique response in contact with unique works. The stories told by the authors of the gallery are sure to help you do just that!
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